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Welcome to Songdahla

Join us as we guide you through the universal perfection that is high frequency healing. 

Our journey of sacred energy balance manifests in many ways. Each one a tool to help teach you the tangible magic of healing yourself. 

Sacred energy balance is a tool to assist you to navigate your way through this divine cosmic moment in time.

We facilitate this with SWIM.


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Our sound wellness practices are designed for people seeking healing. 

Join us at our Happening where you can experience first hand the pure beauty of sound wellness. high frequency healing. Book a healing session, where we can connect with you on an energetic level and transmit our sound wellness though to you and you can enjoy the healing process.

Join with us on our music journey as we share with you high vibration meditation music to help guide you on your own healing/wellness/wholeness journey.

SWIM with Songdahla.

When we travel through this life we often encounter challenges and crossroads in our journey.

These are indications of situations that may need a change in direction or acknowledgement of an experience we choose to give greater Realisation of God and the state of Joy and Happiness – our true state.

Through the HEALING, strategies, guidance and support are offered to help you make the choices that resonate for you so you can face any challenges and shifts with love, grace, and ease. It provides an opportunity for you to realise the gift that has been offered for your growth so you can be in a place of unconditional love.

Our life doesn’t need to be difficult – our choices determine the outcome and we can always choose a different path!

Or simply BE accepting of the moment right now with no attachment and/or preference, just living in Joy right now!

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