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SongBird Temple & Retreats

September 2023            

The Opening of the Songbird Temple.

This is such a beautiful place to simply BE. The magnetics and the healing qualities of the granite, here on the planet, are very powerful and they interact with you and your energy field. Stargrids and portals have been activated and the  dragon energies can be felt.

It is great to allow some time to simply relax and be still...reset and absorb the loving energies nature provides.


We have created a quaint little studio with a queen size murphy bed, enormous relaxing deck area and a bathroom with an eco friendly compost toilet, hot rainwater shower and coffee and tea making facilities available.

This is all next to  the healing room for your convenience.

This, in turn, provides a space for you to reset, re-calibrate and take time for inner reflection. The Room to Heal.

The granite belt has a plethora of beautiful places to visit and places to eat out.  We can organise the healing sessions around your day and trips out. Did you know there are over 90 vineyards in this area? There are places to simply BE.

Girraween National Park and so much more.

There are also endless beautiful cottages and Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast Stays. You could elect to stay in any accommodation of your choice, in this area,and participate in a day retreat here in Fletcher or choose your package of individual sessions for us to facilitate at a time to suit.

For additional accommodation follow this link.


We can connect you with beauty sessions and deep massage packages in town also.

We are Happy to make your stay in the beautiful Southern Downs special for you;


Our unique gifts are taking you on an inner journey and holding space for your journey into your world and your creations.


You may enjoy simply being in nature and journal-ling, writing songs or painting on the deck.

The stars are magical at night and the days are full of the birds songs and odd kangaroo or wallaby passes through.You may see the odd fox sneak by also.


The Granite Belt and district has many events planned throughout the year and booking at a time that coincides with events is also a great way to pamper your self.

Follow the links for more information on whats on in the Granite Belt wine country.


Please send us an email detailing your choices for your package and we can organise the price and book you in😊

Giving Yourself Room to Heal.

We will be offering 2 or 3 day stays with a variety of wellness sessions available. Some examples are below. Combinations are endless and we are happy to tailor a stay catering for your specific needs in our ROOM TO HEAL within the Songbird Temple.

Examples of wellness sessions:

2 days with 1 night stay2 New Body Therapy sessions, Sonic Tonic and iTeraCare wand session. Walk the star grid.

 $500 per person $760 per couple.   (Two person hamper available on request)


Arrive at 2pm, first session at 3pm, check out the following day at midday.


3 days with 2-night stay3 New Body Therapy sessions, DNA reactivation session, a Sonic Tonic session with iTeraCare terra hertz wand session , Walk the star grid

 $800 per person and $1,200 per couple    (Two person hamper available on request)

Arrive at 2pm, first session at 3pm, check out the last day at midday.


4 days with 3 nights stay3 New Body Therapy sessions, Symphony of the Cells Protocol and an essential oil foot and back massage, Sonic Tonic with iTeraCare wand,

12 Strand DNA reactivation plus walk the Divine Galactic blueprint star grid.

$1,150 per person and $1,580 per couple  (Two person hamper available on request)

Arrive at 2pm, first session at 3pm, check out the last day at midday

The combinations are endless.

deck to fire pit copy.jpg
stardragon4 copy.jpg

Life Ceremonies
Rites of Passage

Would you like to celebrate a special occasion with ceremony in the Galactic Angelic Blueprint star grid?

Rituals and ceremonies are meaningful to you and really there is no specific name to call yours.

They are universally accepted to celebrate a special occasion.

 We can co create the perfect ceremony for you. They offer a sense of belonging on many different levels.

They are spiritual and full of connection love and light.

Some suggestions could be:

  • Commitment ceremony

  • Tea ceremony

  • Pregnancy celebration/motherhood rite of passage/ mother blessing

  • Mother/father loss ceremony

  • Death anniversary

  • Birthday rites of passage and celebration of journey 21st, 40 th, 50th, 60 th celebration.

  • Placenta ceremony

  • Coming out into community

  • Declaration of love

  • Initiation or change of status ceremony.

  • Blessing of the baby

  • Purification and or healing ceremonies

  • Shamanic ceremony

  • Coming of age rituals

  • Celebration of life ceremony

  • Biological ceremony eg pregnancy, childhood, birth, puberty, menopause, crone



Your imagination, creativity and desire are endless.

You could simply choose to visit and walk the Divine Human Galactic Star grid with Dianne

$100 for groups of 4 or less

Message to discuss your requirements and the investment required.

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