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Sound & Soak

What is Sound and Soak?

“Water represents the Universal web of Consciousness”- Veda Austin

“Water is the glove of Human Consciousness”- Moses Hackman


Our water comes from the stars and asteroid’s. It holds the memories of our galactic heritage.

It is ancient, cosmic and aware of creation.

 Knowing this, what better way to meditate with this Hydro-Liquid light surrounding the body, and communicating your intentions through the amplified vibrations and frequencies whilst immersed in the water.


The crystal bowls with the singing tones and light language, assist you to go to a deep space of creation, memory, and re-calibration.


In April 2023 Sound and Soak was birthed in Stanthorpe.

When Songdahla facilitate a session, immersed and emersed in the water, it interacts with frequencies, resonating vibrations, and song.

 Water interacts with human consciousness!

 Imagine what you can co create with upward spiraling emotions and intentions.


Water is all about flow and movement, and its cosmic properties move you to deeper levels of creation.

You are provided with space or Room to Heal.

Songdahla invite you to join an early Sunday morning session in the warm and steamy pool in Stanthorpe.

A sonic soak with a guided meditation.

I AM That I am the SONG.

Sound & Soak Sessions

Water is all about flow & movement, and is an alchemical element and energetic across the multiverse with its cosmic properties taking you from one state into a higher one. Water interacts with frequency, resonance, vibrations & song. Water is the Mother Principle and it is the Tones, the sounds and the frequencies which create the blueprints of creation.

Songdahla invite you to float in the luxurious warm waters to allow and awaken your true Heart-Song through the sounds of the Crystal Bowls, Gong and Light Language. Emotional patterns are arising and because we are made up of more than 70% water, it is vital that we stay present with what arises and clear with ease & grace.

Join in for an early morning fully immersed and guided Sonic Soak in the warm Hydrotherapy pool.

When - Last Sunday of the month

Where - 3 Pioneer Pde Stanthorpe Qld 4380

Time - 8am to 9am

Investment - $25

Book in as numbers are limited

Text Dianne on - 0417 263 425 to confirm your spot

Cash Payment on the day preferred

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