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This session is intuitive utilising the frequencies of the crystals to clear, energise and align to your highest frequency here and NOW.

Dianne works with body mapping. She switches on the axi-tonal meridians and connects with your Galactic lineage.

The body mapping activates to anchor the new body template and blueprint. Everyone’s Body map is different and unique. This is a full body experience as the new body templates are switched on utilising the crystalline energies available now.

Every session is original and unique to you. Tones, light language, hands on energy work and colours are part of this transformative work.

Did you know that crystals:


Sing to you at a high frequency you can not hear.

This means that the denser frequencies are transmuted creating positive, energized, and calm vibrations. The body, mind and spirit achieve a more peaceful and aligned state of being.

Every crystal interacts with you in a different manner and again the layouts are individual at the time of your session with Dianne.

Remember Crystals are beings of Light here to assist you to shift your frequency.


They are LIVING Songs and offer sacred geometry.









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