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dNA Activation

Energy Pattern Codes - for the purpose of restoring and activating the true DNA coding of the endocrine and hormonal systems.


“See the endocrine glands as streams of consciousness that connect the GOD source into the physical being through their direct link to the chakras. The endocrine system is an important and invaluable link in the raising of the vibratory rate of the body to incorporate the Christ Consciousness on the Earth”.

St Germain

In Ra La   May AH say

This activation was channeled by the beautiful Kalina Raphael Rose via her own Presence, Ascended Master’s and the Angelic Realms.

Dianne was lucky enough to attend a course with Kalina in the late 1990’s and this opened her up to the power of the light language. Light language is caught …not taught. Kalina Raphael Rose channeled the codes in 1995.

They are perfect to use NOW!

Why dNA Reactivations?

“Many souls on the planet have now completed initiation in other lifetimes and are ready to complete this final initiation whilst in the third dimensional reality. They do this at this time on their own behalf but also on behalf of humanity as a whole.


Love is the strongest denominator necessary for Mother Earth to sustain her attainment of physical immortality on the earth. It is why Babaji remained here in order to assist in this process at this time.

So lighten up and allow yourself to be merry through these times of seeming intensity, for truly all is well. The battle has been won and we but act out the emotions of seeming struggle and travail.

Let us focus on loving and assisting each other through these times, gather in groups and focus with loving intent your well wishes to all of humanity at this time and much will be accomplished.

Truly give no energy to negative predictions for they are but hollow threats. We say again the battle has been won.” St Germaine

Did you know DNA strands have existed since time here on Earth began.

They are the conductors that relay upon the light frequencies to exist.

They pulse the light through their connection with our endocrine system into the physical body.

When we die the energy ceases to pulse and instead is stored or retained in the DNA strands to wait for our next birth or incarnation.

 Life is held within the light and embodies through the sense sand light filaments that vibrate with the DNA; So the DNA is encoded with the Life that is LIGHT.

We are healing as we remember who we truly are. In Atlantis we evolved the filaments but didn’t complete what was started. Atlantis achieved what was needed at the time and we celebrate that even though it seemed to be full of struggle. The fall led us to our NOW.


We can now actually accomplish the next step. It is time to step up and love our selves again.


We have the Room to Heal.

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In Your dNA Reactivation Session

We call on the masters of Light to encourage and support us as we choose the DNA cards.

Your Beloved IAM or Higher Self is always constant in any session.

They oversee this loving process for you.

The endocrine system is a body system that includes internal organs, which secrete hormones. The endocrine glands are ductless glands that empty their hormonal secretions directly into the blood.

 The chakras are the vibrational link to the glands and connect the light and love of the Mother/Father    God into the body at the endocrine glands, which are the physical externalisation of the chakras.

In order for the Light Body to pulse with Christ Consciousness the love quotient needs to encompass an alignment with the Divine pulse from Creative Source. This we can achieved with meditation, intention, violet flame, upward spiraling emotions and all the healing tools we have been gifted.

The sound codes and the pictures of the codes then work in concert and harmony to up shift and reconnect. They remind you of what you already know but have forgotten and have been lying dormant.

 The sounds awaken the memories of all that you are. The session is about singing your remembrance back of the aligned Light-body pulsing with the Love-light from the Source of your Being.

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