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We extend an invitation ​to change lives through the power and quality of these incredible products.

We use doterra's  Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG)oils


Bruce and I originally began the essential oils journey  by assisting our family with some health concerns and utilising these oils as tools to assist them in their journey. We discovered the doterra oils are sustainably sourced with partnerships around the world with small scale farmers ensuring stable incomes, purity of the oils are guaranteed with no fillers and harmful contaminants or adulteration or synthetics and the quality is unmatched!. These oils are sourced from over 45 countries and always grown and harvested in their natural habitats. As energy workers we believe the geographical  properties are integral in a healing journey and the soil minerals etc that they each offer.

The oils are also tested by a third party ensuring peace of mind via this transparency process.

One of my favorite things though, is about the giving back to communities, by establishing the doterra Healing Hands Foundation . This has a global impact by promoting sustainable change in areas of extreme poverty. It is about basic human rights and I feel privileged to be part of this initiative.

SPECIFICALLY in the early part of our  oily journey we found doTerra's Digestzen oil  and TerraZyme were specially formulated to aid digestion of fats, carbohydrates, lactose and starch.  They assisted my daughter in her journey to wellness with gut issues with the soothing and settling aromas.

We also found the benefits of using frankincense in our daily regime and the reason it is called the King of the oils. It has the reputation for being spiritually awakening and it is also known for its natural antioxidant protection.


These success stories inspired us on the path of encouraging others to look at the benefits of these certified pure and tested oils.
Energy levels were raised & emotions became more balanced as we looked into and utilised more and more oils. They changed  lives many stories of success.....

We have been generous with our sharing and everyone loves the high frequencies these plant gifts and remedies offer. We invite you to try for yourself. Do some research or join us for an information session.

They work in a variety of ways. Information about each oils and how they are utilised are available on the product guide pages.

We are holistic practitioners using sound, love and light to complement the oils.

It was not long before we began to earn an income as well. This was a pleasant surprise. I invite you to join our inspired and energetic team. My up-line are so supportive and helpful and you don't need to travel this path alone.
Join up, contact me, chat, try, or buy and build an amazing opportunity for a life change. 
May it all unfold with ease and grace as it has for us..

Blessings always
Dianne and Bruce

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Why dōTERRA®?


This is probably the question we get asked most often when sharing Essential Oils because there are so many brands on the market, but…




One of the reasons I chose dōTERRA® is because of their Cō-Impact Sourcing®. dōTERRA® sources its oils from all over the world so that each oil is derived from its indigenous environment. When they are grown and harvested in the proper altitude, climate, seasons, and soil, you end up with a far superior product. This is where dōTERRA®'s commitment to purity begins!


The second main reason is that the oils are Certified Pure Tested-Grade (CPTG). This is REALLY important because every oil has ZERO fillers, synthetics, dyes, pesticides, or contaminants of any kind. They are just pure, unadulterated oil.


dōTERRA® created this standard as a promise of purity and each and every batch is third party tested so you can be confident in not just their purity, but potency as well.


Take a look at this 3.5 minute video below explaining CPTG essential oils:


In addition, there are three ways to use essential oils:


1.) Topically


When you apply your oils to areas of the body that need support, they reach the bloodstream within 20 seconds and are then distributed throughout the body within 20 minutes. It's best to dilute the oils in fractionated coconut oil to avoid skin sensitivity and ALWAYS dilute for children.


The bottoms of the feet are a great place to apply the oils as it's the most porous section of the skin allowing for quick absorption. You can also apply on the back of the neck or along the spine.


2.) Aromatically


Put a drop in the palm of your hands, cup your hands to your nose and inhale - WOW!!!!


Diffusing is also a great way to get benefits from the oils. They can support respiratory functions and enhance moods.


3.) Internally as a food flavouring


dōTERRA® is the ONLY brand of oil we would trust to use internally. Please do not assume it is okay to use any brand of oil internally as purity varies greatly. If safe for consumption, the bottle will clearly be labelled if it is approved for internal use. Once you are assured of quality, you can add one drop to your water or tea. We drink  any of the citrus oils in our water and with our sofa stream to ensure we are drinking our daily recommendation of water.

My New Channel
Dr. Hill and Emily Wright Discuss Benefits of doTERRA®'s Yarrow _ Pom Essential Oil
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CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils is Part of doTERRA's Promise to You
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