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Symphony of the Cells Protocol

Symphony of the cells

This is a modality that anyone can train in and share with family members in their own homes. If you would like to learn about the essential oils and how to join us, then please ask me for more information. Dianne trained with Boyd Truman on the Gold Coast in Australia where he shared his protocols and the ease of application and benefits. Dianne utilises the pure do Terra essential oils in all applications.

Symphony of the Cells is a trademark, and it is a collection of 18 essential oil applications created by Boyd Truman. This modality was designed to allow your Heart Song to sing physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body. It is about creating concert and resonance with the chakras, so they sing with the chakras on each side.

Boyd utilised his 26 years of background in the wellness industry, his knowledge of the workings of the human body and his experience utilising the pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, to create these protocols and applications.

Each of the set of applications are designed to target different body systems and ailments and can be performed on either yourself or on others.

How does it help?

Symphony of the cells was created with the knowledge that each condition is connected to a body system. Therefore, using this application protocol, you are treating not just the condition but the symptoms and underlying causes.

When performing the application best served for a specific body system/condition, you create an opportunity for greater wellness and the power and practical uses of essential oils.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural substances found in the seed, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plant.

These like substances are easily recognised by our bodies, which means that when introduced, our bodies can break them down and utilise them. Such like-substances can help the body return to its natural state, and assist with the cleansing of unnatural, foreign substances.

Why is it applied to the bottom of feet and back?

Applying oils to the back and the feet is beneficial because of the high volume of nerve endings located alone the spine and the bottom of the feet. The Symphony of the Cells applications work because the nerve endings supply an easy communication system as they sing through the body. When the nerve endings are fed then in turn you are feeding the different organs and glands of the body.

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