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Our music is all about frequency with our instruments all playing a variety of hz. We love 432 hz and 528 hz for miracle healing.

We have now settled into 444 Hz and feel like we are communicating directly with Mother/Father God.



We can sing back to wellness and pure love.

Sound holds the keys to health of the body, mind and Spirit.

We invite you to sing your sound signature as you join us in song.

Songdahla offer “SOUND BLESSENCE” or also known as a sonic tonic/ sound bath: incorporating the guitar, gong, crystal bowls, light language and voice.

We will travel to share this experience. 1;1, house concerts and larger venues and conferences.

Our CD’S are available to purchase, in our online Shop, or download on our Music page.


Their higher frequency assists in meditations, clearing space back to its sacred frequency, facilitating a sphere of love for personal wellness & transmutation of more denser energies, contemplation and growth.

Music is a gift and when incorporated with the power of mantra it assists our planet to align to the new template of Divine love and Unity.


Thanking Sue Gibbons for her beautiful photography.

If you would like to contact her you can visit her Instagram page or email suegibbons22@gmail.com

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