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Who Are Songdahla

Songdahla are about creating and up shifting to higher frequencies, vibrations, and Heart-Song.

Dianne and Bruce have been using their music for more than a decade to assist you to re-align, re-calibrate and re-ignite yourself to your Omnipresent Self.


We are multidimensional.


Each of us sing in our awakening. 

Songdahla hold space through the silence in the music for you to co-create your world.

Sound holds the keys to health of the mind, body and spirit

Times are uncharted as we bring in the unknown into the unknown.

Music assists each of us to step into our true potential and inner power through the loving sounds.


We are the music. MUSIC IS OUR MEDICINE.

We invite you to sing your sound signature as you join us in song

Bruce assists with a more shamanic flavour in his hands on healing, he is very aligned to the Hawaiian and Pele Mamma energies. He loves to channel through the music to transport everyone to a space of stillness and co-creation.


Dianne has worked intuitively in the wellness industry for almost 30 years.  

She intuitively works with energies and the vibrations of all that is to create all that we are. I AM THAT I AM.

Dianne shared initially on the Central Coast in NSW Australia while facilitating an Early Childhood teaching position & she became very fluid with play and connecting to the inner child.  Dianne understood that it is crucial for your ‘inner child” to be happy and accepted by ourselves for each of us to feel valued and whole.

Dianne studied to obtain her remedial massage certificate, Bowen Therapy and Crystalo-Therapy and her love of parapsychology and sacred geometry was explored further through endless courses and circles of spiritual learning. Light language was “caught” and music and sacred toning made her heart sing.

Dianne in turn traveled to sacred places to sing to the ley-lines, grids, and portals, working with Light weavers, Way showers and Multidimensional Beings doing their part for the planet when her heart called.


She has been called to Hawaii, Peru, England, Japan, New Zealand and of course many places in Australia over the last 22 years. It has been a magical and humbling experience.

In 2018 Songdahla moved to Queensland in Australia, near Bribie Island, and shared their music and healing techniques and song on the Sunshine Coast and around the Glasshouse Mountains.


This is a sacred place, and many gifts were shared.

Songdahla has always been a mandala of high frequency Heart-Song and sounds, made up of all who join in at any given time.

Everything changed in 2020 with the government lock-downs and the restrictions that many felt they must follow, so this guided Songdahla in a new direction.


Soundscapes became their activation's and bearers of the codes and keys gifted to Dianne and Bruce as they journeyed together.

Songdahla weave a melody of sounds and song for each NOW moment.

They could call it a mandala of sound that co creates a body of love. Music is the space to grow. Music is the tool of creation. Music is LIGHT.

Songdahla now share in small groups and one on one at their property in Queensland, Australia, on the Granite Belt, and if invited, travel to share their music at house concerts, yoga studios and local halls.

Songdahla believe we are all connected.... We are the notes of each song and together we create the Heart-Song of our new higher frequency world. We invite you to make music and join us to co create the new melodies for the NOW.


Songdahla 2023.


Thanking Sue Gibbons for her beautiful photography.

If you would like to contact her you can visit her Instagram page or email

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