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I have been privileged to work with this talented duo, Songdahla. They are two of the most inspiring,  loving teachers of how Music and Light can change our life.They are gifted and bring beautiful song into lives of many. Their attention to detail allows all to feel a part of any performance. I am thankful to know them.

Dell Tschatner

Sunspace Yoga Studio Budgewoi


Dianne was part of my birth team.

It was such a gift having her support my second birth sharing her sacred songs and singing bowl. She holds a deep sense of calm and her connection to the divine is strong. There is a lot of joy emanating from her when she sings and shares the divine.

To this day she is very close to my daughter and we feel as family.



Firstly I like to point out how much care Dianne and Bruce bring to all their musical events.

They have such great capacity to make you feel right at home and welcomed.

They are great at supporting community and allow everyone to come together.

Often tea or a meal is shared after.

Dianne has so many talents and whenever she shares you know it’s from her heart and her passion to support others to be and feel well.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to join one of their events and enjoy her angelic voice and appreciate Bruce on guitar.

Harjinder Kaur

Kundalini Yoga

My first experience with “Songdahla” was when Dianne and Bruce were invited to sing at the “Positive Living Spiritual Centre” in Sydney.  I absolutely loved listening to them both singing beautiful words straight from their hearts and I felt so uplifted from being in their presence.

I wanted to take “Songdahla” home with me, so I purchased two of their CD’s and years later I’m still singing along with them especially in the car.  Such uplifting music and a beautiful way to start the day.

I invited Dianne and Bruce “Songdahla” to sing at the opening of my “Tranquility Living Retreat Centre” and they kindly accepted.  Dianne also gave a talk on Essential Oils which was enjoyed by everyone present.  Her expansive knowledge of the benefits of essential oils is outstanding. She gave my partner some wonderful advice about using Frankincense and it worked brilliantly.


After experiencing doTerra Essential Oils and how well they worked we signed up to become consultants under Dianne.  It has been a wonderful experience and Dianne gave us so much information and joined us into the doTerra family.  We also attended the doTerra Conference with her and learnt so much from all the speakers and had such a fun time.  I now use my oils every day and love them.  

It was during this time that I witnessed what an incredibly powerful soul Dianne is with how she lives her life.  She comes straight from her heart, is real and shows up as her true self.  I see a beautiful warrior in her, compassionate and caring and a true blessing to this world.  There is a saying “She was a sea of calm, tackling each task with a smile” and I would describe Dianne as this.  She focuses on her goals, sees the end results in her mind and she then achieves them.  I am very grateful to have met Dianne and feel very blessed to know her.

I have always found Bruce to be a very kind, compassionate, caring man who also comes straight from his heart.  He absolutely glows when playing his guitar and singing their wonderful songs.  Bruce brings a lot of inner strength and love into this world and is a wonderful, supportive partner to Dianne.  His wisdom, compassion and courage, along with a good sense of humour, positively impact everyone around him including myself.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dianne and Bruce’s incredible talents to everyone and their presence at any event is heart-centred, uplifting and inspirational.

Dianne Nicholas     

Mitchells Island NSW

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