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A Dash to Wilpena Pound!

We felt the call to travel, and the Australian State borders were still a tad tricky to navigate! There was an invisible bubble the government deemed safe to travel within.

Challenge accepted! We took our 2-wheel drive car on 4-wheel drive roads to unknown places and spaces! We did arrive home minus a few parts on the car but what a journey!

The whole trip was blessed by eagle energies. There appeared to always be an eagle and sometimes 2 flying with us as we embarked on this magical journey.

At one point Spirit told me we would be in the right place at the right time when there are 3 eagles. This set the scene… continually looking for this magical vision of the three majestic birds.

We discussed how we had not seen 3 eagles together, but we stayed open to this bit of information shared by Spirit.

Recently I had been having troubles and pain with my knees and was concerned I would struggle walking in Wilpena Pound. The last time I was there it was in the year 2000. It had been a long walk to get to our magical ley-lines and I was not sure how I would negotiate it this time. I prayed and asked Spirit to make it easy for me to fulfill the mission, always with ease and grace, and then surrendered my fears.

A dear friend at this time, Giulia joined us for the journey in her own camper van. She had a dog, Delilah and we had Emma Lion our cat. I knew this could be problematic staying in a national park, so I booked ahead at Willow Springs. It was pet friendly camping. TICK😊 Thank you Giulia and Delilah. That was all I knew about our destination for camping near Wilpena Pound.

When we arrived at the camping area it was a wide drive in through a dry riverbed, bumpy and wild. In fact, this was a 4-wheel drive camp area lol.

The receptionist said the camping area with facilities was full, and our camping area was very isolated and a bit of a journey to get too.

To this I asked if it was at all possible to find somewhere for 1 or 2 nights near the facilities and then we would go to the isolated camp. She toddled off to check because we had been travelling for 5 days and a real shower etc was a luxury we all would have loved, and she was going to do her best to make it happen.

She returned to tell us that we were in luck. She had one campsite for 2 days and when she gave the directions, she said at the end “You will see a big sign that says Eagle 3. That is your campsite!”

We had arrived. It wasn’t 3 eagles flying, it was campsite Eagle 3. You have got to love Spirit’s sense of humour.

The Cover of the book left at Willow Springs Office by previous Energy/Light Workers!

Long story short… 100 metres from this campsite were 3 labyrinths built on the ley-line. It was such an easy walk and to our wonder, we stumbled upon these amazing grids totally not expecting it to be this easy.

Why would I ever doubt Spirit? I did ask for ease and grace after all!

After chatting to the receptionist again, she told me of the many people who came to this place since the 1990’s and there was a lot of information written down. We accessed the channel-lings and the history of the grids.

The one that called us was the triangular pyramid. This was overseen by an Acturian Sound Engineer.

We walked the grid and felt the magic. Bruce allowed the sounds through his guitar. The Temple of Musicality was birthed and the codes for the Solstice in 2020 shared.

Unknown to us at this time this music was to be integral in the rainbow energies birthed at Uluru.

No agendas. Open hearts and in the NOW Moment with joy in our hearts. That easy!

I love Spirit.

September 2020

The Flinders Rangers - Wilpena Pound - South Australia
Front cover of the Lightworkers book - Willow Springs Camping Grounds South Australia

First Grid - Willow Springs Camp Grounds

Another view of the First Grid

Sun Grid - Willow Springs Camp Grounds

Bruce at Willow Springs camp Grounds setting up an altar

Flinders Ranges - South Australia

Bruce at our isolated campsite - Flinders Ranges South Australia

Grid 2 - Willow Springs Camp Grounds

Dianne & emmalion our feline companion

Dianne at Willow Springs Camp Grounds Grids


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