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Western Australia - Birth of the Dragons

Blog April 2021- Western Australia and the birth of the dragons.

Dianne attended a gong session with Deborah Hill in Woodford - The Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland. Deb communicates dragon light language with her sessions and she holds ancient dragon energies. She is also a Gong Master.

On this particular day Dianne met a lady called Olga.

Olga was an amazing light technician who then invited Dianne to travel to Western Australia with her. “We have work to do!“ And we did!

Traveling was still clouded by fear, policies and political agendas, but Dianne had never been to Western Australia and she had credit points from flights to Fiji that were cancelled because of COVID. They transferred to a red eye return trip to Perth.

Perfect. Organised and no cash needed.

You have got to love that.

The journey was totally in the NOW moment and the gifts and adventures we could not have imagined. It was a journey of trust and some trepidation with the Western Australian Borders at risk of closing with COVID concerns and controls.

So much to clear and process. The trip presented opportunities to work with the shadow side of self and embrace the parts held in separation and fear.

Each day we listened to the sign posts left by spirit.

We were called to the ocean and knew when to stop. The signal was Neptune watching from the shores.

This was the magical place that called us and it is where we witnessed the birth of 3 dragons with feathery coats dance from the portal in the ocean after its activation with our sound and song.

The dragons were colourful and bright and moved in the double helix formation in and out of the eye of the portal in the water through the cave in the water.

They bliss-ed us with the new energies and codes for the next part of our journey.

We spent the day in this beautiful place.

The whole time Dianne and Olga sang and facilitated the ceremony required,a young Aboriginal male was dancing on the beach calling in the Divine Angelic Blueprint. He was dedicating his NOW moment to staying connected and grounded as the divine masculine and divine feminine merged in their song and dance upon the crystalline sands on the beach in Western Australia just north of PERTH.

The sun set as we each completed our ceremony as ONE.

All of the outcomes of the events were revealed much later. Months later! So much gratitude for this trip. Thank you Olga. It changed my life!

At the time they were working in Unison guided by spirit and their Higher Selves to simply bring through the necessary codes and the rest would awaken as the gifts of NOW rippled outwards and spiraled upwards.

Much Love


Sun setting in Western Australia

Shell essence on the beach in Western Australia

Neptune overlooking the beach where the dragons were birthed

Sunset and codes over the Dragon escarpment

From the other side

Dragon energy rising!

The open Portal

Activating the portal with sound

Witnessing the birth of the Dragon and open to receive the new codes

sunlight shares a kiss with all

breathe in and receive the codes gifted to us.

nothing like a Western Australian sunset

Love form this Tree Being

magical codes everywhere



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