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Summer Solstice - 2020

Blog Dec 2020 - Stony Creek and the Summer Solstice

There is a magical place in the Glasshouse Mountains in Qld where there is a portal to the Olga's and Uluru.

A ceremony took place at Uluru, and we were blessed to be part of it here in Sandy Creek. A WATER BIRTH …Thank you to all the Goddess energy in this amazing body of water. Water connects us to all. It is the link to our cosmic family.

This Solstice we were called to share the fertilised egg from Wilpena Pound in the Temple of Musicality. It was time to be birthed. At the time of visiting Wilpena Pound we had no idea we were facilitating this role. My motto is to always follow my guidance even though I have not a clue 🤣

This was such a powerful activation and so much gratitude for all who played their part to achieve the results… magic box was opened.


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