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What is New Body Therapy?

Dianne was recently given the opportunity to learn New Body Therapy and has incorporated it into her toolkit to facilitate wellness and to experience the wonders of the body’s ability to return to a healthy state of normality.

This therapy is a business of Love. This Technique is about Trust. This Modality is about Change.

When you are ready for change.

Everything happens for a reason in the bigger picture of All That Is.

New Body Therapy resonates with Dianne because it is all about frequency and holding a sacred space so the client can release the energy blocks from the body. Energy blocks

can present in many ways but often via pain and stress held in the body.

There can be many different factors influencing your body and point of pain that may impact your health and wellbeing e.g. accidents mental and emotional stress and/ or chemical stress.

This technique gently nudges the body to activate and set a process into place. It allows things to shift on a deeper level for the soul: Spiritual, emotional, physical and/or

mental. It is now the key to our sessions with sound. Music is our medicine and the new body therapy activates the body to open up and allow the healing to begin and Dianne will sing and tone to help move out the old energies and patterns held in your being.

It is recommended that the client has 3 visits initially within a two-week period for a positive outcome. This gives your body a chance to begin to respond. It allows the body time to begin its journey of change.

It is important to remember that you are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to your destiny, health and life. With gentle guidance you can make great changes in your

journey and life path if you choose. You co- create.

What You Think and Believe Is What You Create Remember we all have room to grow as we experience life and connect with the real reason we are here. Music, love and light will always transmute the denser frequencies if you choose to participate. That is pure


Songdahla share their love through the music, energy and wisdom through the session with love, light and song.

DIANNE BUTLER- Songdahla - 2020

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